writing about the Glasgow art scene and it’s relation to our multi cultural, open and politically charged society. Also to show off some of the best artists and exhibits on offer.

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Wee Handmade Gallery

The Southside has its fair share of kitsch and creative outlets. I’ve already mentioned our very own Art Village and keeping on the note of independent galleries I wanted to mention another - Wee Handmade Gallery.

Wee Handmade Gallery is not found on the main road, instead it’s tucked neatly on Deanston Drive showing off talented artists and selling so much cute artistic wares. Going strong since 2013. Their secret? They promote and sell from local creators! Including Innovivid Art House (please check these guys out on Facebook for a unique gift idea!), The Grey Earl (artist) and LazyDay (cute as a button knitwear!)

NotontheHighStreet.naw - Wee Handmade Gallery has everything you need in the heart of the South side. Framing, prints, kitchenware, decorative pieces, woodwork.. It has to be seen to be believed! It truly is a cave of wee treasures.

For more info you can search...

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West End meets South Side.

Shawlands is fast becoming one of the places to be. As restaurants and bars open throughout the year don’t forget that it’s also the place of some cracking wee galleries in itself.

Art Village, situated inside Shawlands Arcade is a great gallery showcasing some talented artists in different mediums. On Kilmarnock Road you’ll find ‘The Hub’ selling portraits, jewelry and even…COMIC BOOKS. Yes ‘The Hub’ is home to Shawlands** only** comic book shop. Next door to there is a base for workshops open to children and adults alike. Every time I pass the window it looks like everyone is getting up to all kinds of mischief and having a wonderful time. Their ‘fun with paint’ workshop is open to the kids on Saturdays and Sundays between 12-4pm. So if the kids are still off and driving you radio rental, there’s a short term solution ;)

Scotland’s smallest cinema?

Yep, that’s in Art Village...

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Review: Tomorrow Is Always Too Long [Phil Collins] feat. Michael McDonough.

The GoMa is a great place for a really good film exhibit. It’s ground floor gallery with it’s pillars and enclosed space really lets exhibits spring in to life and it has never been needed more than for Collins’ Tomorrow is Always Too Long. As I entered the floor I was met with a sprinkling of old school deckchairs to sit on and a couple of benches, I chose to stand right at the back to take in the film and the other viewers. So, let’s begin.

collins 3.jpg

Phil Collins’ has said to have made this film as his ‘love letter to Glasgow’. I can imagine any love letter to Glasgow would require sorrow as well as happiness and in light of this Collins delivers in spades. The film, working in three brilliant layers all unique in their own right, melt together to create an emotional and intense ride. I found myself often smiling and laughing in to myself as the feature played out and in turn standing...

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Feature #1 Pie in the Sky

For this blog we are featuring an amazing crafter who I’ve been a fan of for a good long while! Pie in the Sky make awesome designs to please the comic book, box set, film fans out there. I had the pleasure of asking Pie in the Sky creator Poh-Ling some questions last week. Links to Pie in the Sky are below and I would totally recommend you check out her work! It’s a great addition to any space in your home. Seriously, who doesn’t want some American Psycho stitching on your wall? Honestly..

Well to start it would be cool to know about how you got started, what attracted you to create?

Have always loved art & crafts from a young age. Was always drawing, making greeting cards, experimenting with different mediums/techniques, etc. My favourite subject at school was art, so always been creative. Studied Graphic Design at college/uni. Have always wanted to start my own business in art...

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*normal service will resume shortly*

Whilst waiting to review Phil Collins’ “Tomorrow is always too long” currently showing at the GoMa, I decided to give you a sneak peek at what’s happening at this years Merchant City Festival!

As always the festival is open to art and design lovers across the city and this year is no exception with Wayne Hemingway bringing an insightful talk on how design benefits our communities entitled “Generous Design”. Wayne himself, of course, is a passionate designer and a frequent face during the Merchant City Festival. His love of vintage plays a refreshing quirk in his designs, if you can’t wait and would like to have a look please refer to his fantastic work here:


Hungry for more? Then make sure to check out Edible Architecture during the festival where architects are designing some of Glasgows finest monuments in…CAKE! Just when you thought...

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Glasgow is well know for its artistry. Home to the School of Art, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the quirky Gallery of Modern Art. You’re spoilt for choice - fancy seeing an original Dali? Visit Glasgow. Want to see fantastic architecture? Visit Glasgow. Beautiful stained glass your thing? Visit..Well you get the idea.

What we wish to achieve…

As well as Dali and Rennie Mackintosh amongst Glasgow’s collection of artistic brilliance there are of course the lesser known galleries filled with sparks of genius. Pure.Dead.Brilliant is a blog dedicated to those galleries and the artists which make them happen. We want to show you what’s going on behind the mainstream, give you a glimpse of someone or something you may have never known about and open doors for artists who may be starting to showcase or perhaps still in college/university.

Promoting new artists.


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Where to start…? City Centre.

On today’s blog I’m talking about my recent visit to Trongate 103, Glasgow Print Studio, Street Level Photoworks and The Lighthouse. The great thing about these galleries is that they’re all handy enough to be situated in the City Centre so you don’t need to venture far to see something new.

First off The Lighthouse, situated on Mitchell Lane just off Buchanan Street, which has six floors to choose with five floors showcasing different styles of work and the sixth floor being an observatory allowing you the best view our beautiful City!

Right now they’re showing Glenn Murcutt’s exhibit “Architecture for Place”. Glenn Murcutt is an Australian architect, well known in his field and is a lecturing professor throughout the world. The buildings which he has created really are from the mind of an architectural genius and when you view the finished product after you read the scribbles...

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